Osvaldo Villarreal Manzanilla
Osvaldo Villarreal, Tijuca National Park, February 2013. Photo copyright © Gustavo S. Miranda.




Caracas, Venezuela

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Osvaldo Villarreal Manzanilla is a Venezuelan arachnologist, born in 4 November 1977, active from the early 2000s. He is currently conducting doctoral studies under the supervision of Adriano B. Kury, focusing on evolutionary relationships and phylogenetic relationships of the family Cranaidae and others Gonyleptoidea.

Main contributionsEdit

Villarreal contributed work on Agoristenidae, Cranaidae and Stygnidae, and is working together Adriano B. Kury in a hypothesis of homology of the macrosetae of the ventral plate in Gonyleptoidea. He also does research on neotropical Schizomida.

External linksEdit

Osvaldo Villarreal on OmniPaper Project.[1]

Osvaldo Villarreal on Research Gate. [2]

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