Pantopsalis listeri
Pantopsalis listeri white-1849-A
Pantopsalis listeri (White, 1849) (from Taylor 2013a)











Pantopsalis listeri (White, 1849) is the type species (by monotypy) of the genus Pantopsalis (Eupnoi:Neopilionidae).




(from Taylor, 2013a[5])

As described by Simon (1879), with the following additions: Dorsum of opisthosoma with pale silvery, narrow, transverse stripes on posterior margins of segments (Fig. 3b). Segment II of chelicera inflated in neotype, slender in remaining specimens. Glans of penis without dorsal keel.

(from Simon, 1879c[2])

Corps très-noir, finement chagriné, présentant seulement en avant, sur le bord antérieur, un groupe de petits denticules irréguliers. Chélicères noires, entièrement garnies de forts denticules obtus, inégaux, très-irréguliers, plus gros et plus serrés à l’extrémité du second article; premier article grêle, plus de deux fois plus long que le corps entier, faiblement élargi à l’extrémité; second article plus long que le premier, assez fortement élargi à l’extrémité en massue ovale; doigts courts, très-robustes, pourvus chacun d’une forte dent médiane. Patte-mâchoire blanc-testacé avec le fémur brun-rouge. Pattes noires, cylindriques; fémurs garnis de petits denticules irréguliers.

[Very black body, finely chagrined, with a group of small irregular tooth-like projections on the front edge. Chelicerae black, fully covered with strong rounded, unequal, very irregular, teeth, bigger and more tightly packed near the end of the second section; first section thin, more than twice as long as the whole body, slightly expanded at the end; second section longer than the first, relatively greater expansion at the end forming an oval club; fingers short, very robust, each provided with a sharp middle tooth. Jaw leg – white or ground-colored, with brown-red femur. Legs black, cylindrical; femurs lined with small irregular teeth.]


  • Location: New Zealand, South Island, South Westland, Waiho Grorge[5]


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