Paramitraceras pickardcambridgei Cruz-López & Francke, 2013 is a member of the genus Paramitraceras (Laniatores:Stygnopsidae).


  • P. granulatus (partim): Goodnight and Goodnight (1953a)[1]
  • P.p. Cruz-López & Francke, 2013a:2[2]


  • Female unknown
  • Location: Mexico: Chiapas: Pichucalco[2]
  • Type specimen is in Colección Nacional de Arácnidos, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México; #CNAN-0731[2]


  1. Goodnight, Clarence J. & Marie L. Goodnight, 1953a. The opilionid fauna of Chiapas, Mexico, and adjacent areas (Arachnoidea, Opiliones). American Museum Novitates, New York, 1610: 1-81.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 Cruz-López, J.A. & Francke, O.F. (2013a) Two new species of the genus Paramitraceras Pickard-Cambridge, 1905 (Opiliones: Laniatores: Stygnopsidae) from Chiapas, Mexico. Zootaxa, 3641 (4), 481–490.

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