Paranemastoma thessalum, male, Greece, Ossa Mt (2) by axel
Paranemastoma thessalum, male, Greece, Ossa Mt. From Harvestmen of Europe [1] Copyright © Axel Schönhofer.'









Paranemastoma Redikortsev, 1936 is a Palearctic genus of Nemastomatidae with 20 species and subspecies.

Type speciesEdit

Paranemastoma superbum Redikortsev, 1936, by monotypy. Junior secondary homonym of Nemastoma superbum L.Koch, 1870, valid replacement name: Nemastoma supersum Roewer 1951.


Paranemastoma ancae Avram, 1973 - Romania
Paranemastoma aurigerum aurigerum (Roewer, 1951) - Bulgaria
Paranemastoma aurigerum joannae Staręga, 1976
Paranemastoma beroni Mitov, 2011 - Bulgaria
Paranemastoma bicuspidatum (C.L. Koch, 1834) - Austria, Switzerland
Paranemastoma filipes (Roewer, 1919) - Azerbaijan
Paranemastoma iranicum Martens, 2006 - Iran
Paranemastoma kalischevskyi (Roewer, 1951) - Azerbaijan, Georgia
Paranemastoma kochii (Nowicki, 1870) - Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Ukraine
Paranemastoma longipes (Schenkel, 1947) - Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Paranemastoma quadripunctatum armatum (Kulczyński, 1909) - Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia
Paranemastoma quadripunctatum quadripunctatum (Perty, 1833) - Subatlantic-Central European-montane: Albania, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Macedonia, Netherlands, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Switzerland.
Paranemastoma quadripunctatum werneri (Kulczyński, 1903) - Turkey
Paranemastoma radewi (Roewer, 1926) - Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece
Paranemastoma roeweri Staręga, 1978 - Ukraine
Paranemastoma sillii (Herman, 1871) - Common Eastern and Southern Carpathians species, vicariant with P. kochi [Staręga 1978]
Paranemastoma supersum (Roewer 1951) - Georgia, Turkey
Paranemastoma thessalum (Simon, 1885) - Greece, Macedonia.
Paranemastoma titaniacum (Roewer, 1914) - Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia.
Paranemastoma umbo (Roewer, 1951) - Georgia

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