Maximilian Perty
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Ornbau, Bayern (today Germany)

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Joseph Anton Maximilian PERTY was born in 17 September 1804. He published a large work before being 30. This book has the zoological results of Spix and von Martius Brazilian Expedition.

Notable contributionsEdit

Perty's only contribution in Opiliones was an extremely important book -- the Delectus Animalium Articulatorum was a seminal paper which was the base for the study of Brazilian Laniatores undertaken by C. L. Koch a little later. Perty described in 1833 some well-known genera such as Cosmetus, Eusarcus, Goniosoma, and Stygnus.

External resourcesEdit

OmniPaper Article on Perty, including opilio-publication list [1]

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