Perty 1833 plate 39 b

Plate of Perty 1833

This magnificent work by Maximilian Perty, financed by the king of Bavaria, marked the first great wave of study on Brazilian Opiliones.


Perty, J.A.M. (1833) Delectus animalium articulatorum, quae in itinere per Brasiliam annis MDCCCXVII-MDCCCXX [1817–1820] jussu et auspiciis Maximiliani Josephi I Bavariae Regis augustissimi peracto, collegerunt Dr. J. B. de Spix et Dr. C. F. Ph. de Martius. Vol. 3. [Opiliones, pp 201-209]. [1830-1834] Friedrich Fleischer, Monachii (= München), 224 pp., pl. 25–40. [Issued 13 December 1833].

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