Vanuoctis elisae MNHN W 201 - corpo ve det stigma detail Cx 3

Podoctidae, Santobius sp. from Vanuatu, detail of Cx III, ventral view, showing processus fulcientes both anterior and posterior. Photo copyright (c) AB Kury.

Processus fulcientes are the interlocking bridges that link the coxae ventrally in many Opiliones.

Original definitionEdit

According to Sørensen (1884) terminology:

Processus fulcientes sunt, qui coxas secundi paris cum iisdem tertii, coxas tertii paris cum iisdem quarti, coxas quarti paris cum abdomine conjungunt (conferatur genus Nemastomatis). Inter coxas quarti paris et abdomen feminae saepe adsunt, etsi mari desunt.


From Latin prōcessus m ‎(genitive prōcessūs); fourth declension. Nominative: singular prōcessus, plural also prōcessūs.

From Latin fulciens pres. part. masc. sing. of fulcĭo (to prop up, to keep upright by props, to stay, support). Plural masculine/feminine form is fulcientes, neuter is fulcientia.

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