Proerginus RWR
Proerginus lineatus Roewer, 1917 from original description









Proerginus Roewer, 1917 is a genus of the Neotropical family Cosmetidae, subfamily Cosmetinae with two species from Hispanola and Ecuador.

Synonymy Edit

Proërginus Roewer, 1917: 99; 1923: 387; 1927c: 551.

Proerginus: Mello-Leitão, 1933c: 108; 1935b: 115; Roewer, 1959: 80 [revalidated].

Cynorta [part]: Goodnight & Goodnight, 1953b: 37.

Etymology Edit


Originally placed in Cosmetidae, Cosmetinae.

Type speciesEdit

Proerginus lineatus Roewer, 1917, by monotypy.

Only the male of Proerginus lineatus has been described.

Diagnosis Edit

The genus is originally described by Roewer 1917 with dorsal armature being smaller spines on areas I and II, and stronger armature on areas III & IV with larger conical-spines No spines on free tergites, although type species described as having rough granulate rows. Also notable are enlarged male chelicerae (although female of P. lineatus is undescribed so speculative about dimorphism), robust hind legs (basal segments thicker than forelegs) and 6-segmented tarsus I with a 3-segmented thickened basitarsus.

Roewer 1917 (p.99) says "Robuste Tiere mit kräftigen (besonders Hinter-) Beinen. Abdominalscutum : I. und II Area mit je einem mittleren Paare kleinerer Kegeldornen, III. und IV. Area mit je einem mittleren Paare größerer Kegeldomen. Freie Dorsalsegmente des Abdomens ohne mittlere Tuberkel- oder Dornenpaare und ohne Mediandorne. Cheliceren kräftig; II. Glied beim ♂ in eine hohe, das I. Glied hoch überragende Kniewölbung aufgetrieben. I. und II Beine dünn und normal gebaut; basale Glieder des III. und besonders des IV. Beines viel dicker und robuster als die des I. und II Beines. I. Tarsus 6-gliedrig, die 3 Glieder des Basalabschnittes des I. Tarsus beim ♂ walzig verdickt; II—IV. Tarsus stets mehr als 6-gliedrig, variabel; Endabschnitt des I. und II Tarsus je 3-gliedrig.

Included species Edit

Notes Edit

The type locality for this genus was originally given in Roewer, 1917 (p.99) as "Insel Haiti - 1 Art", and repeated in Roewer, 1923 (p.388). However, for the type male of Proerginus lineatus more specific detail was written as "Insel Haiti (Santo Domingo: Umgebung der Stadt) 1♂" in Roewer, 1917 (p.100). This indicated the modern type locality should not be Haiti, but rather the Dominican Republic: Specifically Santo Domingo: Surroundings of City.

Later Proerginus andinus Roewer, 1947 was added to the genus from Peru (San Mateo) with similar dorsal armature. It is also listed for Ecuador in Roewer, 1959.


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