Salvador Piza Jr.
Piza, image from OmniPaper project.




Brazil, Capivari, SP

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Brazilian zoologist Salvador de Toledo PIZA Júnior was born in 28 December 1898 in the town of Capivari, SP and died in 22 January 1988, in Piracicaba, SP.

Notable contributionsEdit

Contemporary of Mello-Leitão (at least in the second half of M-L Opiliones publications time span), Piza described many species of Neotropical Opiliones, especially from Brazilian Cerrado. His most important contributions were on the definitions of Paragonyleptes and Ilhaia.

Type of his speciesEdit

His types are mostly in IBSP and MZSP.

External resourcesEdit

OmniPaper Article on Piza, including opilio-publication list [1]

Lordello 1988, necrology [2]

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