Spaeleoleptes spaeleus
Spaeleoleptes spaeleus H. Soares, 1966, from Gruta do Maquiné, Cordisburgo, MG. Photo Copyright © Rodrigo L. Ferreira.







Spaeleoleptes H. Soares, 1966 is a monotypic genus of escadabiids from Brazil.[1]

Type speciesEdit

Spaeleoleptes spaeleus H. Soares, 1966, by original designation.


Derivation of generic name Spaeleoleptes is incorrect. It should have been spelled “Spelaeoleptes”, from Greek σπήλαιον (cave, cavern) + truncation of pre-existing genus Gonyleptes. Gender masculine.


Spaeleoleptes originally in Phalangodidae Minuinae. Placed as family uncertain by Kury (2003a). Transferred to Escadabiidae by Kury & Pérez (2007b).

Wrong formation of the nameEdit

HS 66 Spelaeo errado

Helia Soares mixed up the Greek word σπήλαιον (cave), which should be latinized as spelaeo- or speleo- and ended up placing the diphthong one syllable earlier. However, ICZN does not warrant a grammatical correction in this case. Both the generic name and the specific name have to remain malformed.

Reference Edit

  1. SOARES, H. E. M. 1966. Novos opiliões da coleção "Otto Schubart" (Opiliones: Cosmetidae, Gonyleptidae, Phalangodidae). Papéis Avulsos do Departamento de Zoologia do Estado de São Paulo, 18(11): 103-115.

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