Hastocularis argus reconstruction
Hastocularis argus Garwood et al., 2014, reconstruction, from original description, cropped.






2 fossil spp

† Tetrophthalmi Garwood et al., 2014 is an extinct suborder of Opiliones created to accommodate 2 Paleozoic species. These are the only Opiliones which posses two pairs of eyes, a central pair and a lateral pair. This discovery is important because it successfully places fossils in a phylogeny, corroborates the ancestral state of the presence of two pairs of eyes in Opiliones, each of them lost independently and alters molecular divergence time estimates.


No family has been described. Besides the new genus, which motivated the description, the authors included another genus, described ten years earlier from Scotland.

Eophalangium Dunlop, Anderson, Kerp & Hass, 2004 - Devonian, Scotland.

Hastocularis Garwood et al., 2014 - Carboniferous, France.

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