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Tord Thorell
Thorell, from OmniPaper.




Göteborg, Sweden

Life Span


Publication Span


Notable contributionsEdit

Thorell published some synoptic reviews of European genera of harvestmen, and he worked also with SE Asian fauna, creating many new genera. He is the creator of important names such as Laniatores Thorell, 1876, Palpatores Thorell 1876, Oncopodidae Thorell 1891, Pettalus Thorell, 1876, Lacinius Thorell, 1876, Leptopsalis Thorell, 1882, Miopsalis Thorell, 1890, Mitopus Thorell, 1876.

External resourcesEdit

OmniPaper Article on Thorell, including opilio-publication list [1]

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