Voriax popeye ma hab do
Voriax popeye Kury, 2014, from Brazil, from original description.







The Tricommatinae Roewer, 1912 [1] are a microdiverse subfamily of small Brazilian Gonyleptidae. They are typical dwellers of leaf litter in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. This subfamily has a long taxonomical history, beginning as a subfamily of Phalangodidae (Roewer 1912), then being elevated to family (Kury 1992) [2], then being a subfamily of Gonyleptidae (Kury 2003)[3]. Finally Kury (2014)[4] proposed that the Tricommatinae were composed by two unrelated groups, the small core centered around Tricommatus remained as a subfamily of Gonyleptidae, while most of the diversity of the group entered into a newly described family, Cryptogeobiidae.

Included generaEdit

Doubtful pertinence:Edit

Genera removed from TricommatinaeEdit

In its most elastic concept, Tricommatinae included dozens of genera from all around the world. They have been over the years removed to other families or subfamilies.

Genus name Current assignment Reference
Andrescava Roewer, 1957 Leiosteninae Kury 2003
Avima Roewer, 1949 Leiosteninae Kury 2003
Trinella Goodnight & Goodnight, 1947 Leiosteninae Kury 2003
Vima Hirst, 1912 Leiosteninae Kury 2003
Vimula Roewer, 1949 Leiosteninae Kury 2003
Globibunus Roewer, 1912 Globibuninae Kury 2012
Palcabius Roewer, 1956 Cranaidae incertae sedis Kury 2003
Rivetinus Roewer, 1919 Globibuninae Kury 2012
Zamora Roewer, 1927 Zamorinae Kury 1997
Brigestus Roewer, 1935 Cladonychiidae Martens 1978
Lucassa Roewer, 1935 Cladonychiidae Martens 1978
Bukowina Roewer, 1935 Cladonychiidae Martens 1978
Sketia Hadži 1973 Cladonychiidae Martens 1978
Euscotolemon Hadži 1973 Cladonychiidae Martens 1978
Cutervolus Roewer, 1957 Prostygninae Kury 1994
Ramonus Roewer, 1955 Prostygninae Pinto-da-Rocha & Hara 2009
Yania Roewer, 1957 Prostygninae Kury 1994
Padangcola Roewer, 1963 Epedanidae Kury 1992
Pseudopucrolia Roewer, 1912 Heteropachylinae Kury 2003
Trichominua Mello-Leitão, 1938 Gonyassamiinae Kury 2003
Antetriceras Roewer, 1949 Pachylinae Kury 2003
Bacigalupo Mello-Leitão, 1933 Pachylinae Ringuelet 1959
Gephyropachylus Mello-Leitão, 1931 Pachylinae Kury 2003
Junicus Goodnight & Goodnight, 1947 Pachylinae Kury 2003
Metaphalangodella Roewer, 1915 Pachylinae Kury 2003
Passosa Roewer, 1928 Pachylinae Kury 2003
Tingomaria Mello-Leitão, 1949 Pachylinae Kury 2003


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