Trinimontius darlingtoni
Trinimontius darlingtoni Šilhavý, 1970, (from original description)









Trinimontius Šilhavý, 1970 is a monotypic genus of the Neotropical family Cosmetidae, subfamily Cosmetinae with one species from Cuba.

Synonymy Edit

'Trinimontius darlingtoni Šilhavý, 1970: 143.

Etymology Edit


Originally placed in Cosmetidae Cosmetinae.

Type speciesEdit

Trinimontius darlingtoni Šilhavý, 1970: 145.

Diagnosis Edit

[Šilhavý]], 1970 defined as having "Body robust, ovoidal, dorsum vaulted, cephalothorax unarmed. Eye tubercle low, smooth. Five areas distinct, second and fifth area unbedecked, first and third area with a median pair of low tubercles (spines). Fourth area with a stout median spine. Free tergites and sternites unarmed, spiracles visible. Chelicerae of male very large, those of female normal, proximal segment with an elevation . Pedipalpus flattened, with the ventral rows of teeth on the femur, tibia and tarsus . Legs of females normal, armed by rows of hairs ; the fourth femora of males stout, armed by rows of tubercles and a posterior row of spines. Tarsal segments: leg I with 6; leg II—IV with more,than 6; end group of first tarsus with 3 segments, of second tarsus with 3 segments, basitarsus of the first tarsus of males enlarged. Third and fourth tarsi with a distinct pseudonychium and two simple claws (Fig. 10)."

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Šilhavý, V. (1970b) A new phalangid from Cuba: Trinimontius darlingtoni gen. nov., sp. n. (Opilionoidea, Cosmetidae). Reichenbachia, Dresden, 13(14), 143–148.