Trionyxellidae Roewer, 1912 is a family proposed by Mello-Leitão (1949) by separating the 4 subfamilies of Assamiidae in which tarsi of legs III and IV have tarsal processes (pseudonychia). Subsequent authors did not adopt this family, and it was only cited a few times for the sake of completeness.


  • Assamiidae Trionyxellinae Roewer 1912c[1]: 11.
  • Tryonixellidae [misspelling]: Mello-Leitão 1949[2]: 2.

Subfamilies includedEdit


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  2. Mello-Leitão, C.F. de (1949) Famílias, subfamília, espécies generos novos de opiliões e notas de sinonimia. Boletim do Museu Nacional, Rio de Janeiro, (Nova Série, Zoologia) 94, 1–33.

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