This will probably be hard for some of you to understand, but for over half a century, I was a chronic arachnophobe.

To an arachnophobe (as to many other people) harvestman=spider. The other thing is that size is of no consequence. Any arachnid, no matter how small, will produce the same reaction: Fight or flight. In my case, the exceptions were the scorpions and pseudoscorpions (which I have always thought to be "cute").

Although being petrified of them (or maybe because of that), I have always had an intellectual interest in these creatures, and therefore a couple of years ago embarked on a course of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) to get cured. If any of you know other arachnophobes, I can strongly recommend this as a solution.

Anyway, something that has annoyed me about the opiliones is the way that the popular internet (Wikipedia) contains such a lot of inaccurate information. And I got particularly irritated by the vastly inflated lists of valid species of the genus Phalangium that were bandied about. So I decided to fight back, and set up my website ( to try and redress the balance.

It was through my efforts to create that, that I first encountered Omnipapers. And, through my contact with Adriano, have come to the Opiliones Wiki. My personal objective is to ensure that every genus and species has its own page (with basic information) by the end of 2015. I have set myself a weekly target to achieve this, and am glad to say that after my first week, I am still on target! I just hope some more people can be convinced to join up and add to the site so that this objective can be reached faster.

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