Wojciech Staręga
Staręga, image from OmniPaper Project.




Węgrów, Poland.

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Staręga is a prolific author, active since the early 1960s. Due to the diacritical on the "e", his name should be pronounced sta (as in STAr) - REN (flooR ENtry) - ga (as in Lady GAga).

Notable contributionsEdit

Among his numerous taxonomic papers, the contributions on Phalangiidae may be highlighted, culminating in large review papers (1972b, 1984) and in works on Asian Opilioninae (e.g., 2003). He also produced a catalog of the Afrotropical species of Opiliones (1992). He is the author of some familiar generic name such as Rafalskia Staręga, 1963 Pyza Staręga, 1976 plus a series of more recent names in association with Russian author Snegovaya.

External resourcesEdit

OmniPaper Article on Staręga, with list of publications. [1]

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